Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting Quilty With It

The past few weekends I've been showing my friend Ilaria how to quilt. She is an excellent cook and is also very gifted in the arts & crafts department. She actually didn't need any instruction whatsoever as she learned the skill intuitively. I was just there for moral support, I think! Evenso, I decided that the best way to teach someone how to quilt was to take up my own project along with her-that was a mistake! I've spent over 40 hours on this project, I don't think it will ever end!! After a few weeks of doing the quilt top (and fussing a bit too much about the border-I decided to do just a plain white border to keep it simple) I've finally attached the batting and backing and am quilting it together. The hard part right now is outlining the stars so they "pop", and my sewing machine is getting a bit fussy in its old age as midway through it sometimes decides to snack on the thread. Here is a picture of what I've been working on.

Ilaria has since finished her first quilt and is almost done with her second one! And here I am, the seasoned veteran and I'm taking my sweet time finishing this project. Well, hopefully it will be done in time for Christmas (as its a gift for dear old dad, although the colors look more fitting for mother dearest), and before Ilaria gets the motivation for another project!