Friday, July 17, 2009

God's Country

I'm sitting now in a dorm room at the University of Notre Dame for the last night this week. What can I do? Well, I can blog. What can't I do? Sleep. Ugh. I have a work certification test in the morning, being the reason for the week long stay in Indiana (what other reason is there to spend a week in South Bend?), and dontcha know... I just can't 'lax. So, using this time, I will reflect on good old Notre Dame.

This is a huge campus, a beautiful expansive and endless campus. I have gotten lost twice, and both times cost me at least 30 minutes. In Notre Dame, for some reason, three rights do not a left make. I have visited the Basilica of the Sacred Heart for an exuberant mass, walked through the serenity that is the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes and gazed upon the reflecting pool below the famous "touchdown Jesus" mural (twice, the first on purpose, the second because I was lost and ended up there). And I have mixed emotions about this place.

First, a bit too religious for my liking. I am the daughter of the "church lady" and somehow was never taught what to do in a Grotto. Or, how to relax in church even when I know the words. Or, what to reflect upon at a reflecting pool. So, I just try not to linger too long, trying to look really reflective with all of my strength (without striking the "thinker" pose), its exhausting, and then go on my way. Okay, I realize these are my issues and not the University's, but it does effect my comfort level here.

Second, but they get it. The mural is nicknamed "touchdown Jesus" for Christ's sake (I can use it in that context, right?), they aren't taking themselves that seriously if God and football go hand in hand.

But third, no one, no matter what they pay, can get a glimpse of the inside of the darn stadium. Just a little peek that's all I want. Just to see the lush green grass that once held Jeff Samadrzija (yes, that spelling did require some googling) in its lucky little blades. To see the house that holds the most sacred sports sign:
But no. I can't get near it. Sigh. Welcome all to the church; get back you sinner from the field!
Complaining about the ridiculous aside, the campus is beautiful and am glad to have had the week here.
But now on to my test, and hoping I won't need to channel my inner Rudy. I will calculate Generation Skipping Transfer Taxes like a champion tomorrow. (Somehow it just does not have the same ring to it.)
Wish me luck!


  1. "Touchdown Jesus!"

    That phrase from John Madden would surely strike the fear of God into the opposition...

  2. Hurrah!! Well done, you're a star!