Sunday, June 28, 2009

Netherfield is let at last

This is the second week of full scale moving-in-together operation. We've successfully transported a few special items:

  • 200 books, which you are welcome to borrow (if you like detective novels or travel guides);

  • Fred Perry's entire spring line (multiplied by five, its always good to have a few extras);

  • a broad selection of Wallace & Gromit figurines;

  • a Sherlock Holmes statue; and

  • an M&M dispenser in the shape of the Green M, dressed as Lady Liberty. It was full of M&Ms, and thus got the prize spot on the mantle.

I'd say these last few items add nicely to the overall decor of the house. The house was looking too organized and open, the addition of some (Hmm...what should I call it...crap? No. Clutter? No. Junk? No.) collectibles will create some much needed warmth.

Aside from some of the stranger items, there is the common addition of the extra blender -which will be great for the margarita season, a new Play Station 2 - for those all too often rainy days, and the complete collection of Dr. Who and Chief Inspector Morse - oh wait, which list is this one? Oh right, these should also be listed as ... collectors items.

Among other changes in the house, the computer is also being effected by his presence...and it's been eye-opening. Oh no, nothing dirty! Not those kind of sites! Tsk. The good ones: (best sports commentary on the web, very rarely does it have anything to do with the sport itself), and News of the (a.k.a The Sun). I've never seen such excellent human interest articles, photo "journalism" of celebrities on the outs (Posh Spice has new boobs! Lilly Allen is attacking another celeb, again! Okay, this site is questionable...) and those pesky royals disappointing the good Queen (oh Harry, what is it now!?). These reports are each made better by the brilliant comments of the UK public. They will rip right through the heart of the matter and brutally attack the writer, the editor, the subject, and their mothers in the most tactful and politeful way that you won't even know it happened. These sites are a delight, enjoy.

This week's move went a bit slower due to my soccer (ahem, football) injury, which is slowly healing (I can't go near the field (pitch) without hobbling around work for at least three days. I can't say it was in pursuit of the game-winning goal in the division finals, as it was an adult Sunday league and we lost 7-nill, but it was my debut game following my previous season-ending injury and therefore all the more pathetic), but we made excellent progress. We only have the larger items left and should be able to do those with one u-haul truck rental in a few weeks.

And then what? Oh right, we'll have to plan the wedding! I am looking forward to getting into the nitty gritty details of the wedding and becoming a bridezilla worthy of the title, but am trying to pace myself by dealing with only one thing at a time. And this week its the move. And looking for closet space to (hide? No.) safely store some of his (Garbage? No.) treasure. Well, I'm sure it will all grow on me, as the chocolate M&Ms are certainly doing their damage already!

So, it may not be exactly Mr. Bingley moving his prized piano into Netherfield to hold the ball of the season, but its a move, and its a man moving, and there will be (some sort of horrible form of) dancing (probably to ABBA after consuming a bottle of wine).


  1. Hurrah! People can now search and see this on Google. on a minute...bugger.

    I'd like to point out that the M and M statue was a lovely gift from my sister and is undoubtedably going to be as highly collectible (and valuable) as the rest of my figurines...ahem.

  2. I'm happy to help you put the 2 blenders to use! HELLO tequila!