Monday, September 28, 2009

Channelling Marilyn

Everyone has a friend that always has hysterical things happen to them and to their daily stories of extreme embarrassment you can only respond "only you". Well, I'm not one of those people...but for one day, for some unknown reason, I was.

On the eve of the day of dress, we were walking down a very busy road in Boston, Tremont Street, on our way to see Julie and Julia at the theatre (not that the movie matters, but that's what it was. Meryl was great, Amy did what she could with that other character, overall the movie was alright). I had just picked up the cute little flowers and shirts to sort out the Running of the Brides outfits and I was carrying that in one hand. In my other hand was my usual work travel bag. So we're walking, nothing crazy now, and the train comes by. Which wouldn't be a big deal normally, but if you are at 148 Tremont Street, at the exact time that I was, with two bags in your hand, in a flimsy skirt...while walking over the subway grate (pictured left)...there's trouble. At stage left enters the gust of wind...and on stage right I have become Marilyn Monroe

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMIGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, if a woman with a Marilyn skirt up over her hips on Tremont St doesn't get your attention, a woman with a Marilyn skirt up over her hips on Tremont St screaming her head off will.

In those pictures that are so famous of Marilyn, with her holding her skirt down while standing sexily on the grate, notice she was NOT holding two bags. This is a very important detail. Not only does it keep her skirt down, but it also assists in hiding her underwear. Yes, THIS was my first concern...I didn't wear the *cute* underwear out and now everyone knows it. The woman behind me (the one that is laughing, yes her) she knows, the two girls in front of me now know (they would not have known had I not called their attention by screaming), the cars passing by know, the bellhop at the hotel knows, the people in the stores know...I chose the granny panties.

So, a little word of advice my little Marilyn wannabes. When you chose your undies, please do keep in mind my little experience and make sure you are wearing something that you wouldn't mind all of Boston seeing at any possible time of the day. Makes you think doesn't it? Yes, its time to go shopping.
Another piece of advice...if something embarrassing happens to you, please don't call attention to it by screaming, it doesn't help.
And if for some reason, you find yourself over a grate, in a skirt, when the train comes, do have the good sense to put down what you are holding to cover yourself! Good luck out there girls!

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  1. YIKES! Clearly the train driver was trying to prevent me from having to watch "Julie and Julia" with you...