Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hi! Sorry I've fallen off the face of the earth with this thing, it's been a little difficult to organize my free time and I'm finding most of my nights are spent watching either Entourage or True Blood. All spent doing good things obviously... Now that True Blood is airing its final episode of the season on the 13th, I think I can devote a little more time to the blog. Pathetic excuse... I know. But anyways, more to come soon!


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  2. How will you cope without the adventures of Sooty...Suekey...Sooookie to keep you on the edge of your seat and engrossed in the action? Oh, hang on. It was the tall blond Swedish fellow called Eric that kept your interest now wasn't it, hmmm?

    "Goodnight, tiny humans"...great stuff. Rubbish finale though!

  3. Rebulah,

    you're welcome! Please send me an e-mail I can help you with portuguese. Actually, I have some materials about portuguese as a second language!!