Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wild Goose Chase

My second quilt was for my niece Katherine, also in 2003. Katherine is a sweetheart and the most loving child. For Katherine's quilt I had learned a few more tricks and was able to put in a wild goose chase border. This quilt is the most time consuming child's quilt I have made because of that border. I remember putting together all of the little geese for the border and my mother was so excellent and she ironed all of the edges down on low-heat, which is no easy task.

We had a blast and it was so rewarding seeing this one come together. I went for old-fashioned fifties prints and love them still today. They are still popular prints 7 years later, as I can find matching fabrics in the stores today, excellent for putting those scraps to use someday.
I loved the little blue bunny backing and the pink border.

Hmm... looks like my edges are a little rounded...well, it was only my second quilt! Geesh!

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